Deck Coatings

Protect your structure with new or repaired


If you notice cracks, buckling, blisters, rust

or any other damage, water can get into your

underlying structure, such as into the wood

lath. When big cracks or blisters are evident,

it is very important to make repairs immediately,

before the damage sets in further.

Dyno Decking, Inc. offers a complete line of

stucco repair that begins by removing old

stuco, decayed material and rusted metal.

We will replace with a new stucco patch, offering a variety of textures and finishes to match existing stucco and color. We will consult with you to perform the job that's right for your needs and budget.

Our materials, expertise and excellent workmanship are guaranteed. Materials classified as ICBO Rated Coatings: Class "A" Fire Rating.

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Stucco Repair