Improve the appearance while adding to the

safety of your property!

Deteriorating stairways and walkways can pose

a hazard, especially when water collects and pools

upon them. It's a great practice to keep your

property well-maintained with a professional

waterproof coating, which includes necessary

repair to reduce water stagnation, damage and

potential liability.

Dyno Decking, Inc. offers a variety of waterproof

coatings for slip-resistant walkways, stairways

and walking surfaces.

Waterproof coatings come in a variety of textures and finishes, with custom colors and designs available.

We install or repair drip-edge and other metal, with sloping created for water drainage away from doorways and buildings.

Our material are classified as ICBO Rated Coatings: Class "A" Fire Rating.

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Deck Coatings

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