Deck Coatings

Enjoy more of your time at home outdoors!

Here in Southern California, we are most

fortunate to have great weather, warm sun

and beautiful skies! What better place to relax

than in your own backyard?

Dyno Decking, Inc. offers new construction of

your exciting decking projects so you can

maximize your outdoor time with family, friends,

or even quiet time to yourself. Enhance and

beautify your property with a stunning new deck,

patio or pool area.

Whether you need a complete installation or just some partial work to be performed, our licensed and insured contractors will provide you with guidance and expertise along the way.

New construction projects require considerable foresight to ensure that the job will run smoothly. One element of proper planning is to coordinate your service in a timely manner. Trust us to provide you with excellent service and the highest quality materials. We will meet with you to discuss the best design and materials to suit your budget and personal style.

Getting rid of rust is a must!

Dyno Decking, Inc. can remove rust, top cap, old scuppers, Z-Bar, Deck Diatto metal, drip edge, door metal and replace it with new stainless, or copper materials.

The appearance, safety and longevity of your property will be greatly enhanced with these improvements. Simply by replacing deteriorating or rusted exterior elements, a building stands out as being well cared-for.

More importantly, this type of work protects the integrity of the structure by decreasing rot, deterioration, rust, water intrusion and stagnation.

Our materials are classified as ICBO Rated Coatings: Class "A" Fire Rating. Our materials, expertise and excellent workmanship are guaranteed.

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