Deck Coatings

Deck Repairs & Renovations

Beautify your property with a Dyno Decking, Inc.


Dyno Decking, Inc. can renovate, remove, and

replace old decking, plywood, railings, and

waterproofing with new Class-A Fire Rated

systems; Solvent-Free indoor systems are


Waterproof deck coatings can eliminate water

leakage into rooms below. They provide an

unbeatable combination of toughness, flexibility,

quality and waterproof integrity. They may even reduce the potential for a slip-and-fall accident by removing old slick surfaces and replacing them with new, textured, no-slip material.

A skillful renovation can end your worry about severe-weather, sun-deck damage and early deterioration. Maintain your investment, increase safety and beautify your property at the same time!

Our materials are classified as ICBO Rated Coatings: Class "A" Fire Rating.

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